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STRECON® Tool Assembly Press


The STRECON® Shop Floor Press is a highly compact and ergonomic press unit thanks to the strength property of the stripwound press frame. By means of a fully controlled winding process, a 0,1mm thick high-strength steel strip material is wound around the press frame. This design principle and manufacturing technique ensures that the press frame remains in a fully compressive state during press load.


Shop floor presses are used for many different purposes. Examples are tool assembly and disassembly, fine adjustment of tools (STRECON® Vari-Fit) used for net shape forging operations. The press is also applicable for single bending and riveting operations.


The press unit has a moveable table ensuring a fully visible and ergonomic setup and handling operation. This design feature is of high value for the operator and his safety.



The STRECON® Shop Floor Press is offered with 150T, 250T and 400T press force. Per customer request, the press is also built with a 500T press force.

The press unit requires less than 1 m2 in floor space, and has a total height of ca. 1700 mm. The product has been designed as a one-unit body meaning that hydraulics, motor, moveable assembly table, etc. are all integrated into this small press unit.


The press can easily be moved with a manual fork lift and made operational by simply plugging it into the electric power supply. The press is designed and manufactured according to CE regulations.

The general press dimensions and features are as follows:


Overall dimensions:       810 X 1140 mm
Height: 1685 mm
Workspace: Width 550 mm, depth 500 mm, height 400 mm>
Speed: 5.8 mm/sec.; 1.1 mm during press operation
Weight (250T): Approx. 1500 kg (2500 kN Press)
Stroke: 125 mm
Programme 1500, 2500, and 4000 kN.

5000 kN per request
Options Tools for assembly / disassembly  
  Data collection for press / stroke

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