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Tool Design and Optimization


Tools are the main items in forging applications which has a direct influence on the quality of the produced parts and the production costs. Besides forging the part within defined tolerances, tool lives are also aimed to be kept as high as possible to maintain the tool costs at a minimum level.


With the utilization of computer simulations, we analyse and design the forging tools in such a manner that maximum tool performance is achieved.


We also analyze and investigate your tool failure problems and work out alternative solutions to prolong the tool life.


Our design and optimization study covers the following items:


  • Technical drawing of the tool assembly and individual tool components
  • Design of supplementary tool components, e.g. punch, kick-out pin, spacers, springs, etc.
  • Optimization of the interference (prestressing) level and calculation of the maximum allowable load
  • Material selection
  • Die stress analysis (FEA)

  • Results of the tool design study are delivered as an engineering report with drawings.
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