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STRECON® Stripwound Containers


Pre-stressing of tools used for precision forging processes is one of the major application fields for the STRECON® stripwound containers. The container technology is used for cold, warm, and hot forging.

Generally speaking, a forging die pre-stressed by a STRECON® container can withstand a tool load that at minimum is 50% higher than what would be possible in a normal stress ring. No other tool systems can offer this strength.


In addition to the unique loadability feature, the STRECON® stripwound container concept also offers other advantages, such as increased stiffness (i.e. Young’s Modulus), combined radial and axial pre-stressing/positioning, variable adjustment of the internal diameter of the die insert, and dynamic press fitting of the die.


Stripwinding Technology

In short the principle of stripwinding can be described as follows: A 0.1 mm thick high-strength steel strip material is wound around a core of hardened tool steel or tungsten carbide. It takes 10 strip layers for each single millimeter in order to build the stripwound container product.


During the winding process, the winding tension is maintained and fully controlled. The optimal stress distribution is obtained by varying the winding tension from strip layer to strip layer. Thus, the winding core and the single strip layers are pre-stressed to a well-defined level providing a very high loadability and safety of the tool.


The yield stress of the high-strength strip material is above 2000 MPa. This ensures that the stripwound container product behaves fully elastic even under very high loads.


Types of STRECON® Stripwound Containers

  • STRECON® Basic
  • STRECON® Lean
  • STRECON® Axi-Fit
  • STRECON® Vari-Fit
  • STRECON® Dyna-Fit

  • STRECON® Basic

    Direct substitute for the conventional compression ring. The loadability is increased by 50-100%. Level of pre-stressing possible up to 1.2% but usually at 0.6 - 1.0%. Fully stable pre-stressing performance over time and allows multiple exchanges of dies.


    STRECON® Lean

    The features are just like STRECON's Basic Container - however the design and the selection of materials have been optimized. Price level approx. 30% lower than the STRECON® Basic Container. Direct substitute to single and double ring solutions.



    The winding core made of carbide. The basic features are similar to the STRECON Basic but with increased stiffness - approx. 400GPa. This is double of a normal stress ring.


    STRECON® Axi-Fit

    The basic features are similar to the STRECON Basic but adds a controlled axial pre-stressing/fixture of the die insert(s). The container concept also comes with the winding core of tungsten carbide and is named STRECON E+ Axi-Fit.


    STRECON® Vari-Fit

    The basic features are similar to the STRECON E+ or the STRECON Axi-Fit depending on the actual need of tool design. The Vari-Fit tool concept allows the fine adjustment of the inner diameter of the die by varying the interference fit with small and very controlled steps, typically 0.01 – 0.02 mm.
    STRECON® Dyna-Fit

    This new container type is an extension of the STRECON Vari-Fit concept. The tool system offers dynamic pre-stressing of the die insert, meaning that the radial press fitting to the die is released after the forming operation. In this way, the fragile or profiled part (e.g. with small undercut) can easily be ejected from the tool.

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