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Simufact.welding User Interface

Cross-section investigation

Cross-section investigation

Distortions after welding

Residual stress distribution


Simufact is a numerical simulation software package which is intended for the metal forming and welding sectors. In cooperation with the leading numerical simulation software vendor MSC. Software, Simufact software package can be used for the analysis of all cold, warm & hot bulk and sheet metal forming, heat treatment and welding processes.


Simufact.welding is designed for simulating the welding application in the manufacturing industry. The practice oriented user interface enables the welding specialist to access most complex simulation technology the easy way. Its modular concept, based on the combination of analytical approaches and non-linear numerical simulation, meets any special user’s demand.


With Simufact.welding:

  • Coupled thermal and mechanical analysis can be performed
  • More than one welding path and welding robot can be defined
  • Welding path and robot work sequence can be defined
  • Different types of clamping and fixing components can be defined
  • Different types of welding processes can be analyzed
  • GMA welding (Gas metal arc)
  • MIG welding(Metal inert gas)
  • MAG welding(Metal active gas)
  • EB welding (Electronik beam)
  • Laser welding
  • Different welding types can be combined

  • Following parameters can be analysed with Simufact.welding:

  • Distortions and deflections
  • Temperature distribution
  • Melt pool
  • Residual stresses
  • Microstructure and phase transformation

  • Please click here for the simufact.welding brochure

    Please click here for the simulation examples peformed with simufact.welding


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