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Simufact is a software company located in Germany which develops numerical simulation software packages intended for the metal forming, joining, welding and additive manufacturing applications. In cooperation with the leading numerical simulation software vendor MSC. Software, Simufact software package can be used for the analysis of all cold, warm & hot bulk and sheet metal forming, rolling, mechanical joining, heat treatment and pressure welding processes.


Simufact.forming is developed specifically for the metal forming industry and following processes can be analyzed:

  • Cold, warm & hot forging
  • Hot profile rolling
  • Reduver rolling & cross-wedge rolling
  • Sheet forming
  • Ring rolling
  • Elektro şişirme
  • Electro upsetting
  • Profile extrusion
  • Mechanical joining
    • Rivetting
    • Clinching
  • Pressure welding
    • Resistance spot welding
    • Friction stir spot welding
    • Friction welding
  • Static loading
  • Heat treatment

  • Following parameters can be analysed by using Simufact.forming:

  • Forming force / torque
  • Workpiece:
    • Material flow
      • Fold formation
      • Underfilling
      • Flash
      • Flow lines
    • Temperature distribution
    • Springback
    • Thickness change
    • Residual stress
    • Ductle fracture (damage)
    • Phase transformation
    • Hardness
    • Grain size
  • Tools:
    • Stress and deformation distribution
    • Temperature distribution
    • Wear distribution

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