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STRECON® Robot Assisted Polishing Machine (RAP-225)


In order to meet the existing demands and requirements of polishing, we proudly present the new STRECON® RAP-225 for polishing the tools, machine components and other similar applications with 2D rotation-symmetric geometry.


The idea of our RAP-225 includes machine tool solutions built on the merits of the crafted polisher and offers a big difference in terms of existing polishing equipment and routines as these are largely operated with little or no control of the actual polishing process at all. RAP-225 is herewith fully controlled by the RAP operator, who in most cases is the crafted polisher, and entitles them to program and use their many years of experience and knowledge about functional surface requirements of the workpiece in order to achieve high excellence in qualities results.


Polishing Capability

The current generation of the RAP polishing technique and machine tool, known as RAP225, is designed to polish a broad variety of parts with 2D round and rotation-symmetric geometries. More specifically, the RAP process can polish inner diameters, outer diameters, and end surfaces of punches, dies, sleeves, tubes, mono-blocks, and other similar workpieces.


The polishing geometries are based on cylinders, radii, and cones up to 45º.

The RAP process works equally well on turned and ground surfaces, on hard and soft materials, and on tungsten carbide and steel materials.


The RAP machine tool can polish tools and components up to Ø300 x 225 mm, and do long thin holes like Ø8 x 150 mm.


Multi Functional Surface

The RAP machine tool can process multi-functional surfaces. The example shown is a bearing sleeve made of the new Uddeholm Vancron 40 that is a high-hardness and wear-resistant PM-tool steel, and used for a dynamic (moveable) tool system.


The inner diameter surface is RAP polished to a 50/50% mix of a super-finished surface with 20 nano-meter roughness, and 500 nano-meter deep lubrication pockets. The spacing of the pockets is 0.3 mm. This surface mutually satisfies the need of a low friction and sufficient lubrication in order to prevent cold welding.


Polishing Process

The polishing process is controlled by a computer and performed by a special developed module that is mounted directly on the robot. The polishing module runs up to 3000 oscillation strokes per minute and offers a better performance when combined with the spindle and the controlled robotic movement.


Following features describe the polishing module:


  • The polishing force is controlled on the surface of the workpiece
  • The pulse oscillation frequence is fully controlled by the operator
  • The stroke of the pulse oscillation can be adjusted / changed by the operator if required. The stroke length can be set in the range of 0.5 - 3 mm.
  • The polishing arm is a flexible solution and comes in different lengths, thickness, etc. depending on the need of the polishing jobs to be done.
  • The polishing arm can be easily mounted to the polishing module with the help of a conical connector. This makes tool change very easy and flexible.
  • The need of different polishing media (e.g. stone, wood, diamond paste, etc.) can be easily mounted on the polishing end of the arm. This ensures a flexible and time efficient adjustment of the media and the individual polishing job.

  • RAP-225 Technical Specifications

    The RAP225 machine tool is designed to polish 2D round workpieces like tools and components up to Ø300 x 225 mm, or Ø150 x 400 mm. The machine tool consists of:

  • Machine housing
  • Spindle with Ø300 mm chuck
  • Robot – ABB 5 kg
  • Polishing module with integrated force control. A lubrication unit takes part of the machine system and is activated and controlled by the RAP programme.
  • Motor driven polishing arm enables automatec polishing paste application and automated tool change
  • Controls / PC interface for RAP programming and process control including both the robot assisted polishing process and a manual polishing mode (i.e. flexible operation mode built into the machine system)
  • Mandatory safety features in accordance with the CE directives

  • Additional Product Features:


  • Internal lighting in the spindle that ensures an optimal visual inspection of the inside geometry of the workpiece
  • One complete machine unit: The electric and robotic controls are integrated into the machine housing. This makes machine installation or move very easy
  • Integrated outlet for power, compressed air and drawer for tools, liquids etc.
  • Cleaning paper dispenser & waste bin ensuring a clean work environment
  • Webcam and internet connection for internal process control and RAP Hotline
  • Built-in exhaust unit with filter

  • Click hear for sample polishing video (with pulse module)

    Click hear for sample polishing video (with driven module)

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