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BIAS Multi Servo Press

Nowadays servo presses are replacing eccentric, knuckle joint and link drive presses in metal forming operation at many sectors, because of high ability and easily forming of complex parts, etc. Major obstacles to the spread of servo presses are; high investment costs, low press speeds and limited press force.

Power of BIAS Multi Servo Press comes from the flywheel which requires a low-power servo motor to control the ram movement which results in lower investment costs, higher press speeds, higher press forces and lower power consumption, namely a truly eco-friendly new-generation press technology.

Advantages of Multi Servo Press

  • Powerfull and skilled
  • Various programmable slide motion
  • High tonnage rating point
  • High press speed
  • High working energy
  • Double action from top
  • Unique press mechanism (Hybrid)
  • Suitable complex and precise operation
  • Suitable body structure for transfer system

  • Standart Specifications
  • H type body
  • Stress relieved body
  • Special alloy bronze bearings
  • GGG cast iron gears
  • Double crank, double connecting rod (except HS1)
  • Automatic stepless adjustable stroke
  • Stepped pressing (BDC change during pressing)
  • Adjustable press speed
  • Touchscreen monitor control panel
  • Hydraulic overload control
  • Pneumatic clutch and brake
  • Central recirculating oil lubrication
  • Motorized adjustable slide height
  • Photocell safety device
  • Double hand control and foot pedal

  • Optional Specifications
  • Double action from top
  • Electronic load monitor
  • Electronic adjustable overload safety system
  • Bottom cushion/ejector
  • Quick die change equipment
  • Die library and automatic slide height adjustment
  • Vibration pads
  • Movable front and back mechanical cover
  • Part transfer unit

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