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Adjustable Metal Forming Tool

"Adjustable Metal Forming Tool", which is developed by NETFORM Engineering, can be used for automated measurement of the parts in the production line and adjust the dimensions of the forming tool based on the measurement results.


"Adjustable Metal Forming Tool" comprised of four main components:


  • Machine vision system which captures the image of the parts in the production line

  • Image processing software which is used for measuring the dimensions of the parts and transmitting the measurement information to the adjustable tool

  • Hydraulic unit with pressure control which is driven by the image processing software

  • Forming tool whose dimensions can be altered by applying pressure

  • Application fields

    - Net shape forming of high precision parts
    - Powder metallurgy (PM)
    - Wire/bar drawing
    - Thin parts with ejection problems from dies

    Click here for the product presentation of "Adjustable Metal Forming Tool"

    Click here for the product video of "Adjustable Metal Forming Tool"

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